Rock Engravings in Ain Ala (Afar, Ethiopia)

DOI: 10.14673/HE2015341012
Published in Human Evolution – Vol. 30 – n.3-4 – 2015

Key wordsEthiopia, Afar, rock art, engravings, Ethiopian-Arabic style.

The existence of a new site with manifestations of rock art in Afar (northern Ethiopia) has been noted. The site consists of a few blocks of rock with depictions of cattle, an anthropomorphic figure and some handprints engraved on the surface. The chronology of these artistic manifestations can not be defined with precision, but the documentation of Ain Ala, however, contributes to broadening existing data on rock art in the Horn of Africa.

Bachechi, L.
Department of Biology, University of Florence,
Via del Proconsolo 12, 50122 Firenze. Italy.
E-mail: luca.bachechi

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