Jacques Maquet: Aesthetic Anthropologist Par Excellence

DOI: 10.14673/IJA201521007
Published in Int. Journal of Anthropology – Vol. 30 – n.2 – 2015

Keywords: interdisciplinarity, aesthetic vision, creativity, experiential learning.
Because anthropology is both art and science, Jacques Maquet emphasized experiential learning as the nexus between these two approaches, and applied this insight to his own pedagogical endeavors. As his training and research led him to explore in depth not only the European hermeneutic tradition but also those of Africa and Asia, he became a true exemplar of the theoretical framework of aesthetic anthropology, which is intrinsically interdisciplinary. Acquiring the perspective of aesthetic anthropology consequently becomes a type of creative practice and intellectual quest, with specific cognitive dimensions. This paper explores some of these dimensions, illustrating their dynamics through Maquet’s own theoretical and methodological analyses. The resulting portrait of the anthropologist as existential explorer highlights the universal value of Maquet’s insights into the human condition, in all of its culture-specific characteristics.
Blundell, D.
Institute of Linguistics, National Chengchi University,
Taipei City 11623, Taiwan.
E-mail: dsb@nccu.edu.tw