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Why should mitochondria define species?


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La Casa Editrice Angelo Pontecorboli Editore è indipendente con sede a Firenze. Le riviste e gli articoli pubblicati riguardano principalmente l’Antropologia, l’Architettura, i Giardino e le Scienze Umane.

logoapAngelo Pontecorboli Editore is an independent publisher based in Florence (Italy). The Journals and Articles it publishes are concentrated mainly in the areas of Anthropology, Architecture, Gardens, and Human Sciences.

Human Evolution
This deals with the physical and sociological evolution of Man and non-human Primates.  The journal draws upon the many disciplines involved in the study of human evolution and reflects the current interest in molecular evolution and genetics, as well as palaeontology and taxonomy.

International Journal of Anthropology
This deals with all topics covered by Anthropology such as: human and non-human primate biology, auxology, population biology, nutrition, palaeopathology, biosocial anthropology, applied anthropology etc. It aims to sustain and increase co-operation between established anthropological societies and their respective members, by promoting current thinking and research. 

Publications by The International Institute for Humankind Studies
Both of the aforementioned journals are produced by the International Institute for Humankind Studies (IIHS), which was established more than 30 years ago at the University of Florence to encourage debate across ideological and scientific domains and provide an international forum for the furtherance of all fields of knowledge inherent in the study of the past history and the future survival of our species, through seminars, conferences and the creation of three academic, quarterly journals: ‘Human Evolution,’ ‘The International Journal of Anthropology,’ and ‘Global Bioethics.’ The IIHS is a non-profit making institution and is wholly reliant upon funds generated through donations and subscriptions to the academic journals.