Finnish-Ugric Populations: Genetics and Phylogenesis

Nazarova A.F., Human Evolution – Vol.33 – 1-2-2018

There are calculated the genetic distances of 18 Finnish-Ugric and some other populations on 28 alleles of proteins, enzymes and blood groups. There are constructed the dendrogram of relationship of investigated populations on basis those data. The branch of big cluster in which Saami are included, included also Finnish-Ugric populations, Russians, and modern inhabitants of North Asia: Evenks, Nganasans, Yakuts, Altaians and Mongols. Cluster of Finnish-Ugric and North Mongoloids is divided for two subclusters, one included Finns, Estonians, Hungarians, Russians, Komi, Chuvashes, Udmurtians, Nentsi, Tatars; other subcluster included Mari, Mansi, Mongols, Altaians, Yakuts, Evenks and Nganasans. Earlier I was published conception in which there are suggested on basis the data on protein polymorphism and data of another authors about mitochondrial DNA polymorphism, that populations of Caucasoids, North Mongoloids and ancestors of American Indians were originated from one ancestor Asiatic population. Data of archaeology and molecular genealogy are supported my hypothesis about palaeoasiatic origin of Finnish-Ugric populations.

Nazarova A.F.
Dr.Sci. Biology, Senior Scientist,
Institute of Ecology and Evolution,
Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow,

DOI: 10.14673/HE2018121038