Beyond 4

Anno/Year 2021
76 pagine/pages
17x24 cm.
ISBN 978-88-3384-119-9

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Beyond 4

The ISI Florence & Umbra Institute Studies
in International Education

Editor in Chief
Daniel Tartaglia

Associate Editors
Stefano Baldassarri
Nina Peci

Editorial Board
Brian Brubaker, Stacey Hansen, Adam Henry, Alison LaLond Wyant, Parshia Lee-Stecum, Ross Lewin, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Alessandro Polcri, Portia Prebys, Roberta Ricci
Lorna Stern, Kristi Wormhoudt, Matthew Yates

Design and layout
Nina Peci

Francesca Calamita, Paola Cascinelli, Octavio di Leo, Alan Earhart, Annie Ferguson, Joanna Simos

Cover photo
Max Ducourneau, Scopio


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Angelo Pontecorboli Editore - Firenze
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ISBN 978-88-3384-119-9
© 2020
Printed in Italy, October 2021
Quaderno - Pubblicazione non periodica



5 Beyond Covid Nina Pec 

8  Yes, You Can (too)! Post-pandemic Messages of Gender Equality, Inclusion and Diversity in Italian Language Courses and Beyond Francesca Calamita 
22  Curricular Internships: Opportunities for Innovation in a Knowledge-based Society Paola Cascinelli and Joanna Simos 
46  An Oral History of Study Abroad Octavio di Leo 
54  Best Practices for Leading Part-time Faculty at Study Abroad Programs: A Literature Review Alan Earhart 

72  Diversity in Italy Annie Ferguson