Anno/Year 2009
80 pagine/pages
55 illustrazioni/illustrations.
22x22 cm.
ISBN 978 88 88461 83 0

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Chiara Battini

Anatolia XX century - Moreschini Collection

The Filikli is an Anatolian long hair rug, extremely soft, usually monochrome and mostly without any pattern. The colour palette is ample but the colour red dominates the scene and it appears in numerous hue variations that, as in a mirror effect, enhance its potential. In fact, the colour red towers over many a form of tribal art.
From the scarce literature available the Filikli is almost always numbered among the Anatolian Tulus as one of the possible variations. Furthermore, oftentimes, it is confused with similar weaves such as the Perdes or the Zakatalas. Yet, the group of Filiklis exhibits homogeneous aesthetic and structural elements that belong neither to the Tulus nor to other similar weavings. Thus, we should consider the Filikli an object on its own, give it back the right of citizenship, a personality and a life of its own. These are the stakes.

The Florentine Collection of Giuseppe Moreschini’s Filiklis consists of a singular number of high quality pieces in a unique chromatic variety; specimens so pure to embody the essence of the Filikli and others extremely significant to underline the connection between the Filikli and other similar rugs.
So, this Collection allows us to identify the objective qualities specific to the Filikli, to outline the criteria for its authenticity, to try and ascertain its anthropological value and, once sheltered from any identity theft, it can help work out the relationship between what a Filikli is and what it is not: Tulu, Perde, Zakatala, etc.