About the journey.  Stasis chiasmus and interruptions

Anno/Year 2022
70 pagine/pages
26 illustrazioni/illustrations.
17x24 cm.
ISBN 9788833841250

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Giovanni Messina

About the journey. Stasis, chiasmus and interruptions
A geography essay

Collana Atlante
Natura, Cultura e Territorio

Preface by
Giulia de Spuches

If the journey consists of a robust intersection of relations – economic, cultural, emotional – between spaces and men, the Chiasmus typifies, in our view, the best structure of it. In fact, Merlau-Ponty points out that the Chiasmus has the properties of fluidity and coexistence. The Chiasmus in fact cancels the dichotomies. It is the edge, the border for the Geographers, that constitutes the primary spatiality of chiasmus. A spatiality to be explored up to the most extreme regions, so extreme as to allow the touching of the Other and the Elsewhere and the transiting, seamlessly, in them. […] And if the Chiasmus is not activated?

Giovanni Messina, 1985, is Researcher of Geography (M-GGR / 01) at the University of Palermo. His main research interests focus on landscape studies, cultural geography and local development.