The Hand that Obeys the Intellect  Flexible Carving and the Florentine Piet

Anno/Year 2022
70 pagine/pages
24 illustrazioni/illustrations.
15x21 cm.
ISBN 978-88-3384-130-4

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John R. Taylor

The Hand that Obeys the Intellect: Flexible Carving and the Florentine Pietà

Edited by Molly Di Grazia

Recent research on the unfinished Florentine Pietà has revealed information about Michelangelo’s carving approach and the way it was impacted by the block of marble he was working on. This essay provides insight into the history of the marble that was used and how it affected the techniques Michelangelo employed, as well as an analysis of the transformations the piece went through before and after he abandoned it.


John R. Taylor is a British artist and scholar who has lived and worked in Italy for over 30 years. A recipient of a fellowship at the British School at Rome in 1990, his artistic practice soon brought him to the town of Pietrasanta where he began to study the story of the Apuan Alps. He continued this research over the years while working as a professor of sculpture and drawing in Florence, a technician in the studios of numerous renowned artists, and an exhibiting artist in his own right around Italy and abroad. His unique blend of practical experience and historical knowledge has led him to be a sought-after resource by organizations from UNESCO to restoration teams and universities around Tuscany.