American Roots in England

Anno/Year 2016
264 pagine/pages
63 illustrazioni/illustrations.
14,8x21 cm.
ISBN 978-88-99695-16-3

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M.and R. P. Beckinsale

American Roots in England

American Roots in England explains some of the origins, religious beliefs and causes for the English emigration that led to the settlement of areas of the Eastern seaboard of the United States from 1456 to the early 1900s’. It particularly focuses on the places of interest and origin pertaining to many of the most famous settlers. It can act as a guide book for those who wish to find the “roots” of “the greatest English overseas enterprise” ever undertaken.

Authors Biography – Dr. R.P. Beckinsale
taught at the University of Oxford from 1944-
1975 writing over 15 books and 200 articles.
Monica Beckinsale, his wife, collaborated with
him in retirement on a series of publications
such as Southern Europe and The English Heartland.
American Roots in England has been until
now unpublished.