Beyond 1

Anno/Year 2018
168 pagine/pages
8 illustrazioni/illustrations.
17x24 cm.
ISBN 978-88-99695-96-5

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Beyond 1

The ISI Florence & Umbra Institute Studies
in International Education

Editor in Chief
Daniel Tartaglia

Associate Editors
Stefano Baldassarri, Francesco Burzacca, Nina Peci

Editorial Board
Brian Brubaker, Stacey Hansen, Adam Henry, Alison LaLond Wyant, Parshia Lee-Stecum, Ross Lewin, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Alessandro Polcri, Portia Prebys, Roberta Ricci
Lorna Stern, Kristi Wormhoudt, Matthew Yates

Design and layout
Nina Peci

Giampiero Bevagna, Pierluca Birindelli, Richard Bonanno, Dominique Brigham, Elizabeth Connolly, Colette Daiute, Federico Damonte, Carla Galfano, Alexandra Garey,
Jan Kieling, Christine Staton, Alessio Surian, Christian Tarchi, Adrienne Ward

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Angelo Pontecorboli Editore - Firenze
ISBN 978-88-99695-96-5
© 2018
Printed in Italy, June 2018

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8    Archaeologia Magistra Vitae? Digging Ancient Artifacts:
A Metaphor for Knowledge – Giampiero Bevagna  
15  Rites of Passage towards Adulthood and Global Citizenship:
Transitions and Liminalities – Pierluca Birindelli

46  Global versus Local: Linguistic and Cultural Variation
in Study Abroad Programs – Federico Damonte
72  Developing Intercultural Sensitivity in Study Abroad Programs
 – Christian Tarchi, Alessio Surian, Colette Daiute

91  How an Unexpected Case of Sexual Assault Can Lead
to Global Competence – Adrienne Ward

116  What to Learn from a Tale of Building a “Campus”
and Academic Program in Italy – Richard Bonanno

122  Your Mental Health Matters While Studying Abroad  
– Elizabeth Connolly

128  Spotlight on… Jan Kieling – Nina Peci


144  Abroad and Beyond – Dominique Brigham

153  Above and Beyond Carla – Hill Galfano

163  Explore What Interests You – Alexandra Garey
165  Re-Adapting and Re-Integrating:
Life After Study Abroad – Christine Staton