Beyond 2

Anno/Year 2019
168 pagine/pages
3 illustrazioni/illustrations.
17x24 cm.
ISBN 978-88-3384-035-2

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Beyond 2

The ISI Florence & Umbra Institute Studies
in International Education

Editor in Chief
Daniel Tartaglia

Associate Editors
Stefano Baldassarri, Francesco Burzacca, Nina Peci

Editorial Board
Brian Brubaker, Stacey Hansen, Adam Henry, Alison LaLond Wyant, Parshia Lee-Stecum, Ross Lewin, Giuseppe Mazzotta, Alessandro Polcri, Portia Prebys, Roberta Ricci
Lorna Stern, Kristi Wormhoudt, Matthew Yates

Design and layout
Nina Peci

Cover photo
Veronica DeFelice

Serena Baldini, Simone Bregni, Thomas Brownlees, Trudi Crouwers, Federico Damonte, Veronica DeFelice, Chelsea Fife, Leah G. Flautt, Sarah Fuller, Marisa Garreffa,
 Laura Guay, David Marini, Peter Naccarato, Paola Pedrell, iKorey Roati-Silverman, Lolita Savage, Jack Sherman, Jamie Weaver

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Angelo Pontecorboli Editore - Firenze
ISBN 978-88-3384-035-2
© 2019
Printed in Italy, June 2019
Quaderno - Pubblicazione non periodica


A Message from the Editor Daniel Tartaglia

Teaching Italian to North American Students Serena Baldini
(Digital) Narrow Streets of Cobblestone: Video Game-Based Learning as a Preparatory Device
and Simulation Strategies for Study Abroad Programs. Simone Bregni
The Convergence of Study Abroad Phrasing: The Imagined Space of Globalization and the Isomorphism of Higher Education in an Expanding World Culture Sarah Fuller
Italian Language Teaching Experiences in Anglophone Monolingual Classes of Elementary Level David Marini

A Fresh Perspective on Internships Abroad in Italy Thomas Brownlees
Out of Your Comfort Zone: Tools for Mental Health Marisa Garreffa
Perspectives on Common Challenges at Home Institutions and Study Abroad Programs Peter Naccarato
Spotlight on… Paola Pedrelli Trudi Crouwers
Employability of Study Abroad Students: A Literature Review Jamie Weaver

Reflection of Studying Abroad in Florence, Italy: May 2018-June 2018 Veronica De Felice
Beyond My Expectations Chelsea Fife
Adjusting to a Foreign Culture: A Personal Experience Leah G. Flautt
Expectations vs. Realities: An English Summer Camp Laura Guay
A Tale of Two Cities: From Florence to Erzurum Korey Silverman-Roati
Diversity – The Beauty of Colors Lolita Savage
How to Unlearn Everything Jack Sherman

Transforming Study Abroad. A Handbook by Neriko Musha Doerr
Reviewed by Federico Damonte