Tiziano Lucchesi has a Laurea cum laude from the Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze and has in-depth knowledge of ancient wall painting techniques, as described in the best-known ancient art manuscripts.
He has been teaching since 2003 at Florence-based institutions such as SACI (Studio Arts College International), ISI Florence (International Studies Institute) and Istituto per l’Arte e Restauro Palazzo Spinelli.
Using both buon fresco and other mural painting techniques, he has painted murals since 1995 in historical settings commissioned by both public and private clients, including a medieval monastery, a town hall, the facades of buildings in historic centers, and the interiors of numerous villas, hotels, and cafes.
Tiziano has been commissioned as a wall paintings restorer since 2000 with participation in interventions of particular historic and artistic interest.
Finally, in his paintings he uses ancient and contemporary techniques.

Tutti i libri di Tiziano Lucchesi
Storia del Teatro Metastasio
Volume 2
Claudio Casale: Teatrologia Il secondo volume sulla storia del Teatro Metastasio di Prato, nato dalla collaborazione tra il Comune di Prato e il Consorzio del Teatro stesso stato curato da Paolo Lucchesini e Claudio Casale. Esso traccia la storia del teatro cittadino dal primo teatro stabile pratese. Una storia dell誕ttivit che arriva fino ai giorni nostri ricostruita sapientemente grazie ad...

The Fresco Painting Technique

Through my discipline, I gained an understanding of why, in 鍍he olden times, fresco students studied with a master for more than 10 years. Not surprisingly, all of the most popular books on art techniques, including the best-known sources on this topic, stress the importance of dedication and study as the only way to become a master. This illustrated volume is designed to clarify what could be ...