Pierre-François Puech is a scientific investigator trained in anthropology. He has written on the study of humans in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Current Anthropology, Human Evolution, Journal of Forensic Sciences, Forensic Sciences International.
P.-F. Puech began working in 1980 in a Laboratory of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) France and was named “Maître de Recherche” at the Aix-Marseille University in1982.
Appointed assistant professor in Anatomical Sciences at the University Aix-Marseille in 1995, he was entitled to direct researches (H.D.R.) at the same university in 1997 where he was a lecturer.
Dr. Puech first published on Mozart in 1987, and gave an oral presentation on the identification of the skull of Mozart to the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS). The scientific investigations and publications of researches concerning Mozart conducted by the author are collected on the P.-F. Puech websites https://independent.academia.edu/pfpuech as well as https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Pierre_Francois_Puech
Fellow to New-York Explorer’s Club in 1991, P.-F. Puech received the “Prix de la Ville de Paris - George Eastman” in 1994 discerned by the French dental national academy. Dr. Puech is living in Palavas, on Mediterranean seashore near Montpellier in the South of France.

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Applied Anthropology Inquest
Legend has it that Mozart痴 body has disappeared forever among the bones of the mass grave in the St. Marx Cemetery in Vienna. The guide even states that a stone angel has been crying ever since, on a pathetic sepulchre that has been reconstituted, but remains empty. So why, then, is the composer痴 cranium carefully preserved in the Mozart Museum in Salzburg?...